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Thom on official message board

Thom Yorke posted on the official site‘s message board yesterday. Here’s a short summary:

In reply to: Thom, Has Jonny started doing anything for the BBC yet?
Thom: “he left his viola on the train the other day. does that count?”

Thom on the pictures on “we are able to load more shit on now at any time so be warned. and you cant nerr nerr nerr”. Someone asked if there will be a Christmas webcast. Thom: “i dunno Eds off to south america so….”

Thom’s current readings: “im reading a book called soil & soul, by alistair somebody, it is truly mental, thats not very punk is it, unlike mr lydon, who is very punk”. Thom also answered when asked which effect Jonny uses in Go To Sleep: “he programmed and built it himself using Max. hence it doesnt ffyzzikally exist”

And another message from Thom:
“everybody stay calm
it is important that nobody


we are th e world
we are the people\
we are…….”

More posts from thom can be found here.

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