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Four Tet on Radiohead

Old time at-ease-boardie Scott interviewed Keiren Hebden aka Four Tet the other week and chatted a bit about Radiohead and the Skttrbrain Remix he did for them. Here’s the quote below which will be part of the story when it is printed in Onion magazine next Thursday (also available on-line at”).

Keiren Hebden: “They give me the masters and I do whatever I like really,” offered Hebden of the remix process. “I send them back and hope they like it. Radiohead told me to pick anything I liked off the [Hail To The Thief] album. Sia hadn’t finished her album but gave me six tracks that I could work on.”
Four Tet was pleased at the reaction that the biggest remix client gave after hearing the Skttrbrain Remix.
“I supported Radiohead on two tours and I did the remix in between. When we started the second tour in Ireland I gave them Sktterbrain and they promised me they wouldn’t play it in front of me because it would all be a little bit too intense. I turned up to their dressing room the next day before the show and they had my remix on really loud! I was like ‘Oh God!’, but they said, ‘Don’t worry, we really love it!’.” [thanks Scott]

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