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Multiple versions of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

The new version of Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid 20 will be available to download in different mixes, according to The Sun.

Bob Geldof has reportedly stated that there will be different versions to cater for all tastes, such as a ‘rock’ mix, in which artists such as The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins would feature more heavily, whereas a poppier version would favour Will Young and Rachel Stevens.

The song was aired for the first time this morning on Chris Moyles’ show on Radio One, will be available to download on 22nd November, and in hard copies from the 29th.

The Sun also reports that Sir Bob Geldof has secured the services of Def Jam Records to get the CD in US shops at the same time as the British release, November 29. Delighted Sir Bob said: “It’s fantastic that we’re releasing it in the US as it will hopefully raise loads of money. We’ve got names like McCartney, Chris Martin, Dido and Radiohead involved and they’re all big there.

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