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Band Aid 20 news round-up

Controversial comtemporary artist Damien Hirst’s sleeve artwork for ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?‘ has been rejected on the basis that it would frighten small children. Despite having reportedly been given a free reign as to how to adorn the single’s sleeve, Hirst’s work has been rejected on grounds of unsuitability. The potential artwork in fact seemed very appropriate. On one side it depicts the Grim Reaper cradling a starving African child in his arms, set against a blue sky with fluffy clouds, and on the other is a white child flaunting money.

Band Aid 20 sets a new world record: fastest-ever rush-release from studio to fans, as “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” to be available as an official download from Thursday 18th November. Marking the first, and fastest, rush-release of the digital download era, Band Aid 20’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was recorded on Sunday (14) afternoon, the label copy and artwork finalised on Monday, and the track digitally delivered to retail on Tuesday.

A radio station banned the new Do They Know It’s Christmas song today after listeners said it was “rubbish”. Bosses at Pembrokeshire Radio, in Narbeth, Wales, axed the revamped Band Aid number after 50 complaints within minutes of airing it.

Former Beatle Paul McCartney, who formed Band Aid 20 with Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Danny Goffey and Fran Healy, was so exhausted after recording bass for the charity single he dramatically collapsed on the floor. After two hours in the studio, he fell to the floor shouting, “Enough. No More. Finish.” The shocking moment was captured on film and may be included at the end of the single’s video, which will be introduced by Madonna on Thursday at 6.05pm on television.

You can still send in for At Ease Project 03 with your own design for ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’

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