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Michael Stipe on Radiohead fans

There is an interview with Michael Stipe in the Dec/Jan issue of Interview Magazine. Michael mentions Radiohead.

Michael: …at a Radiohead show in New York at the Beacon Theatre. It was a televised thing, and they had sold tickets for $2. The entire place was filled with fanatic Radiohead fans. Typically at a Radiohead show, everyone sings along to every song; they know every lyric. Sometimes you can’t even hear Thom Yorke’s voice over the din of the audience. But this night, when they walked onstage and started playing the first song, the audience was quiet, reverential. No one was singing along to any of the songs. It wasn’t until they played the song “No Surprises” that says “the government, they don’t speak for us.” And on that line, every single person in that room shouted out “the government, they don’t speak for us!” and on the next line of the lyric, they were dead quiet again. I was there with a group of people, including Q-Tip, and I looked over and Tip, and his mouth was hanging open. And I was like, “Did that just happen?” and he just nodded his head yes. Afterwards, we were sitting around at the bar with Thom and the band, and Tip and I said, “Do you realize what happened tonight?” and Thom said, “I almost fell over. I almost couldn’t sing the next line of the song.” [thanks Matt]

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