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Earvolution has reviewed the new Radiohead dvd ‘The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time’. Here’s a small bit from the review:

The overall experience of the DVD is overwhelming, scary and downright trippy. Diehard Radiohead fans will love it, while casual listeners will probably lose their patience. Stick with it though because like Radiohead’s music it is a cohesive, well-constructed package and something you’ll understand more with each experience. The short films are inspired and the Radiohead footage alone justifies purchase, even if it is hard to get your hands on. You can only buy the DVD through Radiohead’s archaic website, which means those of you outside the UK will pay a hefty fee for shipping and those of you in the US will get killed on the exchange rate. The damage for shipment to the US is around $30. You can watch the trailer and order the DVD here. [read it in full]

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