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TMGLMOAT review in NY Times

In yesterday’s NY Times Radiohead’s latest DVD got a review.

‘It’s 2005, but for a critic, last year hasn’t ended yet. Here are some 2004 albums that deserve notice before turning the calendar page.

Radiohead: Artiness looms when the DVD “The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time” ( is subtitled “Twenty-four Short Films With Music by Radiohead.” (When did music videos become short films, anyway?) The DVD is part scrapbook, part video demo reel. Fans sent clips to Radiohead’s Web site, and the band added its homemade video, including unreleased music and informal performances. It’s an analog lovefest of grainy images, strobing and hand-drawn animation, as the fans reflect the vertigo and anomie of the songs. Now Radiohead can never claim to be misunderstood.’ [thanks Doug]

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