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EW knows what’s good for Radiohead

From the current Entertainment Weekly (#802 January 21, 2005) music writer David Browne opines that Radiohead needs to get their act together in 2005 (along w/Lauryn Hill, Fiona Apple and others) on pages 83, 84:

“They haven’t made a brilliant album since OK Computer or even a truly significant one since its follow up, Kid A. Thom Yorke Jonny Greenwood, and the gang need to either take the guitars back out of the closet or, conversely, make a straight-up electronic disc. What they’ve been doing lately- creating a mushy middle ground between those two styles- isn’t working. It’s also about time Yorke took a cue from late ’90’s Michael Stipe and started penning more direct, less obtuse lyrics.” [thanks Doug]

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