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Radiohead gives Low hope

Dutch radio station VPRO’s 3voor12 had an interview with Low. Low have supported Radiohead on seven European shows, which turned out as an enlightening experience.

“Seeing them [Radiohead] each night, you’ll realize that it is possible to make challenging music and do your music. And it’s still possible to go out there and doing it on a large scale, without feeling like you’re selling something.

It’s possible for lots of people to get together and actually hear an artist say something that’s valid. And some of them take it very seriously and understand it and it’s great. And the rest of the people are just here to have a good time and that’s nice that they do that”

Low doesn’t expect to be big and succesful themselves. “But there’s always that question: Would I turn into a complete jerk if we became succesful? Is succes evil? To see them play and see them succesful and still doing something positive. I think, there’s hope. Let’s follow our hearts and it will all be fine”

Listen to the Low interview.

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