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Order your shirt

The new t-shirts are here. The shirts have an exclusive Stanley Donwood design.

The magnificent Stanley Donwood, responsible for most of Radiohead’s artwork was so kind to design an exclusive t-shirt for

The red shirts are printed with the logo [signed with ‘Stanley’] on the front in black and white. The back has a small ‘Radiohead’, ‘At Ease’ & three dots on it.

The shirts were printed by Sandbag Ltd, a sister company to w.a.s.t.e. W.a.s.t.e. are responsible for all of Radiohead’s merchandise. The shirts are custom made and sweatshop free.

Ordering can be done at

By ordering a shirt, you’re supporting At Ease with the site’s server costs. And…. First orders will receive a Radiohead button as well, kindly supplied by w.a.s.t.e.

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