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Flaming Lips on Radiohead has an exclusive excerpt from an interview with Stephen Drozd of the Flaming Lips on his latest compilation, Late Night Tales. The article is to be published in South Australia’s Rip It Up magazine in the coming month.

Late Night Tales includes Radiohead’s Pyramid Song – yet another Amnesiac track after you covered Knives Out for your Fight Test EP.
“Actually I have to say I wanted to include the Knives Out cover. I never liked Radiohead until Amnesiac came out – I never did. I don’t know why, but I never really liked OK Computer. I thought Kid A was okay, but I never really cared about them until Amnesiac came out. I was at a bar one night and I heard Knives Out and I thought ‘Man! This is fucking great!’ It was weird in a subtler way, you know? It sounded like The Smiths with that Johnny Marr kind of guitar, but just beautiful though. Pyramid Song I heard a little bit later, and from a muso’s standpoint it’s such a great song because of the weird time signature – the way the piano chords go around is just so odd. It’s such a weird, dark song and I have no idea what Thom’s singing about, but I love the piano on it. I love the production and it’s such an intense, weird song. It seemed the perfect choice to put on the compilation, although for a while it was between Knives Out and Pyramid Song. Since we’d already done the cover of Knives Out I thought it would be cooler to go with Pyramid Song.

Wayne raised the possibility of a Flaming Lips/Radiohead collaboration a few years ago – has that idea moved any further along?
“No. I don’t think it’s been naysayed or anything but I just think they’re doing their thing and they’re busy and we’re doing our thing and we’re busy. I think it’s certainly a possibility and they might be interested. We’re certainly interested in it so who knows what possibilities there might be? There hasn’t been any talk recently – I’m not going to sit here and talk with you and say, ‘Oh, it looks like we’re doing some stuff together’ because it might not be true! [laughs] I’ve read they are fans and I know Thom has talked to Wayne. Wayne didn’t offend him, so it’s still a possibility we could do something! [laughs]”

Rip It Up Magazine, Scott McLennan 2005

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