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Blueprint samples Radiohead & Thom Yorke

Colombus Alive have an interview online with Blueprint (rapper and producer of Greenhouse Effect), where he talks about a forthcoming release entitled ‘Greenhouse Effect vs. Radiohead’.

We’ve got two records we’re going to release. That’s all I was doing the last six months was knocking out those records. The first is an EP called Greenhouse Effect vs. Radiohead. We’re going to put that out about the time we leave for the Weightless Invasion tour, probably second week in April. We know we’re probably going to get sued and a lot of distributors aren’t going to carry it, so we’re just going to do it word-of-mouth, some of the smaller shops. After that we have an album called Columbus or Bust, and that’s the full-length.

So, you guys are doing covers of Radiohead songs?

No, I’m just sampling Radiohead stuff. I tried not to take the real obvious ones, like I didn’t jack “Karma Police.” But I did get a lot of interludes and change-ups near the ends of songs. You’ll recognize them, but you’ll be like, “Wait a minute, where the hell is that from?” and hopefully have you going through your CDs. It’s not even all music samples. I’ve used bits from the documentary and just Thom Yorke talking about music and how his art is received.

Is this your way to get a chance to meet Thom Yorke?

Either him or his lawyer!

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