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From Tuscon Weekly Adrienne Lake was asked which song she wants on her funeral: “Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alian”

On the A-Z of Eastenders, ‘High & dry’ was played. During one of the last episodes of Big Brother Brazil, they played Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’. BBC2 TV in the UK featured extended excerpts of ‘Everything in its right place’ towards the end of ‘Home Front in the Garden’.

Interesting post on political blog from Canberra, Australia.

Moby mentioned Radiohead in this interview (towards the end)… and not to mention this one.

…and so did Portland local band The Dimes (from Arizon Daily Wildcat): “A band like Radiohead really was kind of a turning point for me in the mid-nineties,” he said. “That was the kind of music where I was just like, ‘Wow! You can make stuff, which is just cinematic and expansive, but also be song oriented and have meaningful lyrics.’ They really just seemed to do everything I wanted and so they were a humongous influence on me.”

Paul Lansky is a bit bored with his “Mild und Leise,” which Radiohead incorporated into ‘Idioteque’: “I can’t listen to it anymore because it’s too ugly and boring,” he said jokingly. “People have emailed me saying they like the machinelike feeling of the song, but that’s actually what I’m trying to get away from.”

Tutorial on how to mention Radiohead three times in one short review… of another band [Aqualung]

The Guardian on the best band name ever: “There again, maybe the problem is all mine. This will sound like so much woeful name-dropping, but what the hell: when I was a student, I received a couple of well-written letters from an aspiring musician named Ed O’Brien. His band was called On a Friday, which I assumed denoted some kind of workaday pub rock, so I failed to follow them up. It was only when they changed their name that I caught up with the embryonic wonderment in which they were dealing. By then, Ed’s band was called
Radiohead, and I felt like a clot.”

Indeed, what’s in a name… Morning Bell

Apparently, Radiohead fans are not invited to see Paul K and the Weathermen [see end of artcile]

How an uncensored version of ‘Creep’ became a subject of radio station row. So fucking special.

Found this sentence in a Duluth newspaper: The result is a boiling pit of thrashing undergrads at Trampled by Turtles’ live shows. The result is plucky Radiohead covers with mandolin solos. – I’m curious now… Who can help me out?

Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter’s favourite music: Radiohead [jam]

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