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Battle of the 90’s drummers

In the May 2005 issue of Q magazine (issue 226) the cover story on Green Day features a run in between Phil Selway and Tre Cool at 2004 Coachella on page 76:

But if there was one defining moment for their re-invention, it was an encounter with Radiohead. The night before Radiohead played Coachella festival in 2004, (Green Day drummer) Tre Cool was in his room at the hotel Chateau Marmont partying when he got a knock at the door. It was Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, in his slippers, asking him to turn the music down.

The Green day drummer refused and put on a Radiohead album at full volume. Next morning he tied a rope round Selway’s door knob so he couldn’t get out.

“You let me out, you fucker! I’m telling Thom!” is what he claims Selway shouted.

“Dude, if you walk into a room of hot chicks and they’re blasting your album, you’re like, What up? Right?” shrugs (Green Day’s bassist Mike) Dirnt.

They like Radiohead. It’s just that this was progress, because back in the old days they might have felt guilty about upsetting a band.

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