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So this OK Computer album is quite good then?

As reported yesterday, Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ topped Channel 4’s ‘100 Greatest Albums’ poll. Apparently it has led to album sales going through the roof. According to Amazon there has been a surge in the sales of albums that polled highly on the chart, reports Ananova.

Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake are doing particularly well making it to the top of Amazon’s Hot 100 music chart, pushing the likes of the Stereophonics out of the top ten…at last. Amazon’s co-music editor Paul Eisinger has said: “It’s amazing the impact polls such as this can have on the public’s buying trends.”

The number one album from Channel 4’s poll, Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ has jumped hundreds of places to make it to number 14 in the Amazon chart, eight years after it was originally released….. so for those who still don’t have it yet: buy it here

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