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Download ‘House of Cards’ & ‘Last Flowers’

Finally available, an mp3 of Thom Yorke’s solo performance of new track ‘House of Cards’. Mandy recorded this at Methodist Central Hall last Friday night. The sound quality is not that good and it’s only a part of the full song, but this will give you a good idea of what the track sounds like: ‘House of Cards‘.

Let’s continue with the excitement. Apart from new song ‘House of Cards’, Thom played an old song as well last week. NME claimed that the name of the song is ‘Glass Flowers’. Somehow, ‘Last Flowers (til the Hospital)’ would be a more logical title, since that song is actually known for being around for years now. So we’re gonna stick with that one for now. Anyway, you want to hear it. Here it is ‘Last Flowers‘. And thanks to Mandy for the recording again of course.

For bandwidth reasons the videos are not available on, so they can be downloaded at yousendit: House of Cards & Last Flowers.

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