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U2’s Bono on Radiohead

An interview with U2’s Bono at has some Radiohead mentions. The interviewer Greg said: “You said the other day, “We’ve ‘Kid A’d’ ourselves to death.” It was a funny line, but I’m disappointed to hear that. [A reference to Radiohead’s 2001 progressive-rock album ‘Kid A’].”

Bono: I just looked at the pop machine and the machinations of pop and just said, we don’t have it in us, we don’t have the energy, to have our way with that. I don’t hear [Radiohead’s] Thom Yorke singing on the radio. I want to hear Radiohead, extraordinary band that they are, on MTV. I want them setting fire to the imaginations of 16, 15, 14 year old kids. I was 14 when John Lennon set fire to my imagination. At that age, you’re just [angry], and your moods swing, and it’s an incredible time to be hit with something like that. I don’t blame them [for not wanting to be on MTV]. But I think, what would my life be like without the Beatles? If the Beatles had just kept going on experimenting after “Sgt. Pepper,” I’d be interested to hear it, of course …

All my favorite innovators disappear into the woods and bring something back, and you get to hear the songs distilled from those experiments. I used “Kid A” as an example, because I love the album.

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