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Thom wants to meet Alistair McIntosh

According to the Sunday Mail Thom Yorke is desperate to meet a little-known Scots writer – who admits he’s never heard of the rocker. The singer is in the middle of reading Alistair McIntosh’s book Soil And Soul and told the band’s website: ‘It is truly mental.’

He has asked for a meeting with Glasgow-based eco-warrior and theologian Alistair, 48. The writer said: ‘I’d never heard of him but my son Adam told me he’s about the most famous pop star. ‘Adam took me out in his van and played some Radiohead on the hi-fi. But with my hearing loss caused by shouting as an eco-activist, I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.’

The academic is delighted Yorke wants to meet him after reading his book about the spiritual and economic struggle of Scottish communities against corporate power. He said: ‘We could have a blether and if we end up talking nonsense just have a jam on my penny whistle.’ Alistair, a fellow of the Centre for Human Ecology in Edinburgh, is an expert on St Andrew and Scottish identity.

He caused controversy when he said Scotland’s patron saint was executed because the wife of a Roman pro-consul went on a sex strike after being converted to Christianity.

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