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Christopher O’Riley Associated Press interview

In between sound and light checks for an evening show at Joe’s Pub, Christopher O’Riley – in an immaculate black suit, cell phone in hand – spared a few minutes for The Associated Press.

AP: I hear you’re an I-Pod Shuffle man.

O’Riley: I haven’t read a book in about a year because I’m constantly going back and forth. I’ve got complete works of Radiohead and 20 concerts of theirs, 60 Elliott Smith concerts, Cocteau Twins, Guided by Voices, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, the Smiths, Shostakovich and Bach. Right now, I’ve got about 80 songs, or versions of songs, that I’m thinking of doing.

AP: Do you see more Radiohead albums in your future?

O’Riley: No. I think two is enough.

AP: Do you see your Radiohead albums as experiments in audience outreach?

O’Riley: Yeah, I do. I’ll get e-mails from somebody saying, I really love your Radiohead record, I see you’re playing a Mozart concerto in San Diego, I’ve been meaning to give him a try. If classical music can give you the same charge as being in a mosh pit, then that’s great music.

AP: On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself as a Radiohead fanatic?

O’Riley: 10.

AP: What’s your take on the controversy over the Internet’s role in the music industry?

O’Riley: I’m on a Radiohead fan site constantly, They’ll say, I feel so guilty, I’m downloading your record right now. I’ll say, well, the people who are objecting to downloading are the people who are putting two decent tracks on a record, and are afraid that the shit’s gonna stink when people hear the whole thing. I’m not worried that people are going to hear my record and not want to buy it. You know, I own every single Radiohead ever did, and it’s not for lack of having downloaded all of them at various times in various forms. [read it in full – thanks Patrick]

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