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Radiohead News In Brief has a new front page… The ‘Against Demons’ icon has returned! has changed as well. There’s a ram file of some Tunisian news that opens up. Dated 9th july 2005, there’s about 5 minutes of light entertainment type news, then barely 1 minute coverage of the London attack.

Thom is on the cover the latest Japanese magazine ‘Rockin’ On’. Radiohead’s ‘Hail to the Thief’ is featured in their best albums list.

There’s an ad showing on Australian television that has a disabled man singing along to Radiohead on a train platform. Text then appears, saying “He’s just another Radiohead fan” and then Paranoid Android clearly plays. Unexpected, at least. has a clip of Radiohead playing Karma Police from Glastonbury ’97. it’s on the Glastonbury Anthems dvd.

You can vote for Radiohead at Dutch radio station 3fm for Best Band Ever.

Encyclopedia Dramatica: “ is a fansite for the band Radiohead. It includes a messageboard, wherein the drama lies!”

[thanks Dr. Strangelove, Bobby, Ian, Yasuko]

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