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Murphy, Cornell and Hebden on Radiohead

In the new issue of Blender, actor Cillian Murphy picked Kid A as “The Record that will outlast us all”

“I was listening to this a lot while I was shooting a movie called How Harry Became a Tree. So it reminds me of that experience, but really I think Kid A will be thought of as a seminal record in the future because now everybody’s doing bleeps and weird stuff and deconstructing it all. This immediately created a mood and there’s not a weak track here. It’s a concept album, I think. You never know what Thom Yorke is saying, but you want to sing along anyway.” [thanks Alex]

And then there’s Audioslave’s Chris Cornell in Rolling Stone on what recent song he wishes he had written?
Chris Cornell: “The last was maybe “Karma Police,” from Radiohead. There’s something so simple about it.”

Kieren Hebden (aka Four Tet) was asked in OOR magazine [Netherlands] on his Radiohead support shows:
“I’m a big fan for a long time now. If you look closely, you’ll see me in the Creep video. It was a great experience (opening for Radiohead) that has opened many doors for me. And it was good to see so many Radiohead fans dance to my music”.

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