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Fans tell Thom Yorke should face Tony Blair

Thom Yorke has appealed for fan guidance after being asked to meet Tony Blair – and NME readers think he should take the PM on.

As previously reported, having visited Parliament on behalf of Friends Of The Earth in May, the Radiohead singer posted online questioning whether he and Blair should go head-to-head in Downing Street to discuss climate change.

Fans immediately contacted NME.COM with advice for the singer, with the vast majority, 70 per cent, suggesting he should go.

One fan, Dave Taylor warned Yorke should “avoid Blair like the plague”, though another Phil Erritty urged the singer not to spurn the opportunity.

“Yorke should meet and discuss issues on his mind with leading politicians,” he suggested.

It was an opinion echoed by Chris Barratt, who explained, “Mr Blair is used to fawning sycophants and being protected from reality. Thom is the man to give him a hard time and cut through the spin.” [thanks Shaun]

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