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Judge dismisses Wyrd Sisters motion to block HP film

The Ontario Superior Court has dismissed a motion by the Winnipeg folk group, the Wyrd Sisters that would have blocked the release of the upcoming Harry Potter movie in Canada, JAM reports.

The Wyrd Sisters tried to stop the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, slated for Nov. 18. They argued that a fictional rock band in the film would ruin their careers and were seeking $40 million in damages from Warner Bros.

Although there is no mention of a Wyrd Sisters band in the film, the J.K. Rowling novel on which it is based refers to a group of hairy witches dubbed The Weird Sisters.

The Wyrd Sisters argued Friday that they’ve owned the trademark to the name in Canada since 1990, and that the wizard franchise is ruining their reputation.

They said the public would confuse the folk act with the band created for the Potter film, which includes members of Radiohead and Pulp.

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