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Holy Cow… it’s just…

DJ Mark Ronson has recorded a complete new version of Radiohead’s ‘Just’. The track features vocals from Phantom Planet’s Alex Greenwald. Listen to a track here. And Pitchfork heard it too:

Deep down, everyone wanted to hear Radiohead at their high school prom. Of course, it never happened and we got the the Bucketheads’ “The Bomb” instead (which was OK, too). So I’m thinking Ronson dreamed this up during a Collegiate High School slow dance, the thought buried itself in his subconscious until he finally could commit the time and talent to make it work.

The resulting cut is the thigh-slapping Cake track that never was. My seventh-grade anthem gets a bubbling break beat, a couple soul stomps and nasty lil’ horn solo to boot. For Alex Greenwald, this is the best thing poppin’ since Donnie Darko. So high-fives all-around for Team Ronson.

When will the final mix be done? Maybe Mark will bump it again on his East Village Radio show. Right now, shaking him down on First Ave. seems like the only other option. Asking nicely might work, too.

[thanks Mandy]

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