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Another Radiohead tribute album in the works

German music site Visions claim the Roots’ drummer and producer ?uestlove is working the together with James Poyser as the Randy Watson Experience on a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Exit Music (for a film)’

The track will be part of a forthcoming Radiohead tribute on the BBE Records label. The earlier reported version of Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald of ‘Just’ will be included on the album as well.

One of the other contributing artists Bilal, told The Couch Sessions: “Although most people consider me the go to guy for all things UK, I’ve never been a huge fan of Radiohead. I’ve just never been that depressed to get into their music. I would still take OK Computer or Kid A over X&Y for a listen any day, but I can’t say that I have the whole Radiohead collection in my possession. Having that said, “High and Dry” is probably one of my favorite songs from the band and it’s about time that someone did a Radiohead remix album. (I actually floated around the concept 2 years ago to no avail.)

This track is from an upcoming BBE records Radiohead remixed album that’s rumored to have ?uestlove, 9th Wonder, and the usual crew associated with the project. I’m anxiously awaiting the results.” [thanks Oliver]

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