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Rent Radiohead’s OK Computer studio

In the February/March 2006 issue of MoneySense magazine (Page 65-66), an article entitled “Manors, Please” detailed how you can now rent out Jane Seymour’s 700-year-old manor house, the same place Radiohead recorded OK Computer. Just e-mail the British actress Jane Seymour at Rather than let the 700-year-old, 11-bedroom manor house near Bath, England, sit empty for several weeks a year, the former Bond girl and star of Wedding Crashers chooses to rent it out to strangers. The home comes complete with private chapel and croquet lawn, as well as a star-studded history. Radiohead recorded their groundbreaking album OK Computer here. Johnny Cash, Goldie Hawn, even Henry VIII and his mistress all stayed here. And now you can too. [thanks Lina]

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