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Colin and Thom’s NME interview

The NME interview with Thom Yorke & Colin Greenwood is now available. Here are some bits and pieces from the interview. Thom & Colin explain the silence after the Coachella festival (May 2004).

Thom: “I personally wanted to get out of the whole thing for a while, but you discover fairly quickly that you get the horrors. Because you’re sitting there going “OK, errr, well I could go and get a normal job or I could go back and do that.” It’s not a difficult choice. You realise very quickly that you’re in a very privileged position. Sitting there on your hands is a foolish thing to do.”

Did everyone feel that way?

Colin: “If you’re doing anything that’s important or confronting, you’re going to get the fear. Ed was the same, he felt that Radiohead was just baggage that he didn’t need.”

Is it always like this when you’ve had a break?

Thom: “Sometimes I just get shit-scared, which is stupid really, because the whole point of starting up again like this is to get away from that. Normally by this point in recording we should have stopped. But we chose not to stop because the point about us is the hanging out together and sharing ideas.”

“Personally, one of the things I find hardest is being part of the whole Radiohead thing” admits Thom, “and I’m not really interested in that anymore. I’m trying to work out what exactly it is that keeps me wanting to do it. None of us really want to be part of that band, like that anymore, just because it’s a particular monster. And you don’t want to be in this situation where you’re just feeding the monster. It should be the other way around, whatever that means!”

They do plan to sign a record deal eventually, but on their own terms, and not until the album is finished and they’ve got something to show for their efforts.

Thom: “I think it’s a nutty situation to be in to have no definite release system. It’s really liberating not to feel part of the record company structure. It should be an extremely positive place to be in but it’s also an extremely strange situation to be in. One of the things you discover really quickly when you discover you’re not committed to anything is that you need some level of commitment because otherwise you just start fucking about, which is what we did for ages.”

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