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Stanley Donwood to exhibit new work

Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood is to debut his first solo exhibition next month, NME reports. Launching at Lazarides Galley on May 19 in London’s Greek Street, the show will run for one month and feature his ‘London Views’ collection.

Donwood gained recognition for his work on the album and poster art for Radiohead. He has collaborated with the band since 1994, when he designed the artwork for their second album ‘The Bends’.

In 2001, his album cover for the special edition of ‘Amnesiac’ secured Radiohead a Grammy for ‘Best Recording Package’.

‘London Views’ features 13 original prints, carved by the artist into linoleum by one small cutting tool.

Each panel depicts an apocalyptic vision of modern day London, viewed in panorama from the Thames and showing iconic structures including Big Ben, Canary Wharf and the dome of St Paul’s.

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