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Thom & Jonny at London’s Koko [live report]

Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood have played London’s Koko at the Big Ask Live; The Ondes Martenot has been played on some of the old and new songs. Simon Amstall was presenting the show. David Cameron and Nigel Godrich were in the audience. The setlist was as follows:

01 Karma Police
02 There There – Someone from the crowd shouts “Thom for PM”. Thom: “Then I’ll have to make compromises”
03 Arpeggi {with one electric and one acoustic guitar}
04 Fake Plastic Trees.
05 Bodysnatchers {with a ‘great riff’, song about changing skin/face}
06 Pyramid Song
07 How to disappear completely
08 No Surprises
09 Cymbal Rush {Thom on piano to backing of his recorded voice on a loop going ‘uh’. Jonny on the Ondes Martenot.}
10 I Might Be Wrong
11 Street Spirit

12 Gagging Order
13 Paranoid Android

One special request for those in the UK: Text your name to 83248 to sign a Big Ask petition for the MP’s to see. Thom has said that tonight was the chance to be able to do something and not just sit back. Reporters from BBC World Service, BBC6, Newsnight and FOE were doing interviews at the show.

[A big THANK YOU to Suzie for keeping us updated]

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