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Pitchfork posts video and review of live Arpeggi

Pitchfork has posted a video (live in Copenhagen) and a review of the new full band Arpeggi.

The new version is pure Radiohead forward-jangle, from the dire, watery themes– which recall “Pyramid Song” and “In Limbo”, among others– to Ed O’Brien’s back-up vocals, which once again prove to be the band’s most consistent secret weapon. A far crackle from the electro-shock riffage of yore, “Arpeggi” relies on a rumbling subtlety to build. Just as the song seems to be heading full-tilt toward a triumphant skinny-spastic Greenwood solo, it disperses into an extended outro with Yorke longing for “escape.” Thankfully, there is none. posted a review of all the new songs we have heard so far.

And in the meantime; Thom posted a link to The Eraser on Dead Air Space just now.

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