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David Cameron’s Fake Plastic Request

As one of rock’n’roll’s most right-on figures, Thom Yorke is used to people claiming him as a friend. But the Tory leader David Cameron’s efforts to trumpet his chumminess with the star have backfired.

Listeners to this morning’s edition of Desert Island Discs will hear Mr Cameron talk of how Yorke played a song specially for him – at The Big Ask Live at London’s Koko – after requesting the track beforehand. However, Thom Yorke said it did not happen. Despite what Mr Cameron thinks, the choice of song was nothing to do with him, Yorke said.

Radiohead – whose hits include Paranoid Android and Karma Police – are one of Mr Cameron’s favourite bands, and he was invited along to a Friends of the Earth benefit show being played by Yorke and the band’s guitarist, Jonny Greenwood.

Appearing as today’s desert island castaway, Mr Cameron tells Sue Lawley that the musicians performed the song “Fake Plastic Trees” at his request. Ms Lawley asks “And he played this song for you?”, to which Mr Cameron responds: “Yes, he did. I sent this rather sad letter saying I’d love to come to the concert, thank you for asking. PS please play this, my favourite song – and he did.”

But a spokesman for Yorke said yesterday: “The set list was chosen to reflect the fact that it was just Thom and Jonny playing and the choice of songs was what they wanted to play – nothing to do with any special requests.” [from: Independent]

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