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Reviews from Phildelphia – Night 1

Pitchfork reviewed the first night of Radiohead’s show at The Tower Theatre in Upper Darby (Philidelphia):

The diverse audience– which ranged from young hipsters to crazy frats to a charmingly drunk middle-age woman who gyrated energetically throughout the show– cheered when Yorke mumbled into the microphone, strapped on a guitar, or danced around the stage (plus, he’s a game dancer, his goofiness kinda charming).

[photo by Jonathan Valania]

La Times reviewed the show as well:

Radiohead has rarely failed to be on top of it before, but the question the group will have to face this time is whether it can be both comfortable enough to carry on and confrontational enough to matter. When the time comes to reveal the answer, the band had better get ready to have all eyes on it once again.

The Tripwire:

Another big surprise was their live arrangement of “Kid A.” Stripping away the vocal effects, we finally get to really hear the great vocal melodies that were a little robotic on the album version. During the instrumental passage it was time for Yorke to get his dance on. This would not be the last time we’d see his flailing arms boogie. It really is great seeing him, along with the rest of the band, enjoying their time on the stage more and more with each tour.

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