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The Eraser Listening Party

Hampton Roads have an article on the listening party of The Eraser for the music press, with the unfortunate fact that the listening party actually debuted on the web earlier this week.

Adam Farrell, director of new media for XL’s corporate parent Beggars Group, told asap that the leak was an inevitability that the label had accepted early on. “Given the nature of Radiohead’s audience, and the history of their albums leaking, it has generally happened a lot earlier,” he said. “Any label at this point expects that an album is going to get leaked. It definitely happened earlier than we had anticipated.”

XL vice president of A&R Kris Chen was pleased with the event in spite of the leak. “We were aware that a lot of people wouldn’t get to the hear the album very far in advance,” he said, referencing the fact that the record itself was kept a secret from the industry until just three weeks ago. Chen explained that for XL, the party was a success if just because they were able to gather their choice of bloggers, writers, and record store owners to hear the fully mastered album, adding that the MP3s in circulation are poorly ripped and not indicative of the finished product’s sound quality.

Farrell agreed that the listening party was successful, but conceded, “I think it would have had a lot more punch if it was truly the first time that anyone had listened to it, but my assumption is most people in the room last night had already heard the record.”

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