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Plan B Sample Refused By Radiohead

Plan B was forced to rewrite his track ‘Missing Links’ in two days after Radiohead refused to permit him to use one of their songs, reports Gigwise.

The rapper – aka Ben Drew – heavily featured the band’s ‘Pyramid Song’ on his tune, but had to quickly go back to the drawing board after they refused to let it be used on his new album ‘Who Needs Actions When You Got Words’.

Drew still insists he should have been given permission to use the track because he ‘innovated’ the song – but he says doesn’t hold a grudge against Radiohead.

He says, “Of course I was upset. But it’s not like we tried to rip them off! We innovated Pyramid Song. Not imitated it. But hey, so be it.

“They don’t owe me anything and I still think they’re a great band.”

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