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A Scanner Darkly – advance screening

As reported earlier, Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s music is featured in the new ‘A Scanner Darkly’ movie. Kid Julian attended the advance screening in New York.

Director, Richard Linklater and actors Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr., were present for a Q&A session following the advance screening. The animated adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s work contains three songs by the band and one by Thom Yorke. Featured Radiohead songs include “Amazing Sounds of Orgy” and “Fog” and “Skttrbrain” (Four Tet RMX). “Black Swan” from The Eraser rolls during the closing credits. During the Q&A session, a member of the audience asked about the choice of Radiohead music. Following the post-production process, Richard Linklater, a huge fan of Radiohead, and his music supervisor, Nick Ratner, approached Radiohead. Perhaps as fans of Philip K. Dick’s book or as fans of Linklater, Radiohead responded to Linklater and the film was screened for the band. Following the screening, the band gave what Linklater describes as “some obscure songs.” Linklater joked Thom gave him the “Black Swan” because Thom feared it would not receive any airplay.

As Linklater was explaining the process of obtaining the music, Keanu Reeves suddenly burst into song and attempted a horrible rendition of Thom Yorke singing. The audience responded with laughter.

Afterwards, I could not help but approach the director and ask which Radiohead album he considered his favourite. Linklater responded “Kid A, maybe OK Computer. It’s very hard, I love them all!”

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