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Radiohead live at V Festival – Staffordshire

Radiohead played the V Festival this weekend. Tonight they performed on the V Stage at Weston Park in Stafforshire. The band kicked off their set with ‘Airbag’, new songs ‘Videotape’, ‘Nude’ and ‘All I Need’ were also played. Due to a late start and performance curfews, ‘Creep’ ended the short 21 song set.


01 Airbag
02 2+2=5
03 The National Anthem
04 My Iron Lung
05 Morning Bell
06 Fake Plastic Trees
07 The Bends
08 Videotape
09 Nude
10 The Gloaming
11 Paranoid Android
12 All I Need
13 Pyramid Song
14 Lucky
15 Just
16 Idioteque
17 Street Spirit

Encore 1:
18 You And Whose Army?
19 Karma Police

Encore 2:
20 Everything In Its Right Place
21 Creep

Adriaan left the office unlocked again. (Not really). Thanks to Scottish Dude and Laura for the live updates. Send your reviews to with ‘V Festival – Staffordshire’ in the subject line.

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