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Radiohead’s ‘High And Dry’ reworked for compilation

On November 14, Hip-O Records/Universal Music Enterprises will release Rhythms del Mundo, a collaborative record that unites members of the Buena Vista Social Club with their pasty white musical brethren including Radiohead, Pitchfork reports.

After obtaining permission from the various bands to modify their material, the Cuban collective (under the guidance of arranger Demitrio Muniz) created brand new backing tracks for the original vocals of songs like Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry’.

As if all that wasn’t special enough, Rhythms del Mundo benefits Artists Project Earth, a non-profit that aids natural disaster victims and helps raise awareness of climate change problems.

Thom Yorke commented on APE’s mission in a press release, stating, “We need a law, we need to have the government put climate change in its place. If you leave industry to sort it out on a voluntary basis, that’s never going to happen. So everybody if they’ve got any concerns about climate change has to register that concern with their government officials because it’s the only way to go.”

Check the website for a preview of the tracks.

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