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Radio & Juliet: nobody’s story

A Slovenian ballet production is touring in Israel and the Netherlands the upcoming month. The dance project features Radiohead’s music and is entitled ‘Radio & Juliet’

The SNG Maribor production has the following on their website:

“After the successful Tango and Lacrimas, Radio and Juliet, the whole evening dance project of Edward Clug will enjoy us. It was created by the connection of the famous British music group Radiohead (which is one of he most controversial and avant-garde music groups of the last ten years) and the movement (Juliet).

The mentioned music is the sonorous reflection of our time, their text is the reflection of the problematic world in which we live and it is at the same time an important massage for all who are closing their eyes before the truth.

How to find the essence of the man and the woman of today and how to express their desire with the dance is the challenge that Clug and his dancers will be faced with.” [thanks Gon]

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