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‘Dead Children Playing’; a Book of Pictures

Stanley Donwood sent out the fourth issue of his Taglibro with more information on the Radiohead exhibition in Barcelona and the book ‘Dead Children Playing’

Stanley Donwood blogs on his website about the upcoming exhibition:

The idea is to put about twenty paintings up on walls in a gallery in Barcelona that I’ve never seen. Most of these paintings are quite large. I’ve held three exhibitions in the past, but none of them have involved large and unwieldy expanses of canvas.
Barcelona? I’m going to have to fly there in a fucking aeroplane. I’d been hoping that I could get there on a train; I even worked out how I could do it. But sadly, unbelievably, I ‘don’t have the time’. I woke up last night. I don’t know what time it was. I was worried about what I might have forgotten. This morning I couldn’t remember what it was that I might have forgotten.

Don’t forget to check the special ‘Dead Children Playing’ section of for a blog, stories behind the artwork and images of the paintings.

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