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Caption Competition

This picture was posted at Dead Air Space, entitled ‘Caption Competition’… So please go ahead and be creative and post below.And in other silly news… Some media actually thought Radiohead were going to sign to Starbucks’ label Hear Music. Here’s a statement from Radiohead’s management on this:”Radiohead are currently in the studio working on their next record. They are not negotiating a new record deal with anyone, and will not even consider how to release their new music until the album is finished. The rumour that they are about to sign with Starbucks is totally untrue.”

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  • Jonny: “I’m signing the contract Thom”
    Thom(singing and strumming the guitar): “Starbucks and coffee, maple syrup and jam, yeah!”

  • Green Is The New Black

  • Jonny “Let’s sign a record deal and finish the album.” Thom” No, let’s sit and have tea while I lecture you and the rest of the band on the dangers of global warming., No, wait i sing a delightful little tune to you and the band on my guitar, and you dictate”

  • Jonny writes a journal entry about the new band uniform.

  • “The new method of recording whilst taking a shite delayed the process indefinitely”

  • ‘Jonny Greenwood draws a sketch of Thom Yorke, to be used as album cover for Radiohead’s new album’

  • caption (not the most interesting, but i think accurate):

    thom: “wAit, how does thaT one go aGAINnn??”
    Johnny: -silence-

  • what does he mean format conundrum? apple is far more superior than pc. everyone should own a mac.
    (on viewing hodiau direkton vids)

  • What IS the time signature on Pyramid Song?

  • making ends meet
    where i end and you begin

  • THOM: “Jonny, should i shave my beard?”
    JONNY: “Don

  • thom: erm jonny, i’ve forgotten how to play guitar

  • Thom: “… and then the dream gets REALLY weird.”
    Jonny: [scribbles some notes] Hmm… I see. And how does that make you FEEL, Thom?

  • “How can i say him that i will do the next madonna’s album and not him?”

  • “Im so glad johnny didn’t ask me to pose nude for this sketch”

  • “Ed, stop sulking down there and get your green t-shirt on”

  • ‘I am HUGE, and going to eat YOU!’

  • Thom “I can’t believe you told me it was a hat, jonny. I walked around central London with a tea cosy on my head! I will never forgive you…”

  • Thom couldn’t believe the rest of the band had voted over lyric-writing duties to Jonny.

  • jonny – is heaven to my ears – fuel to my heart – piece to my mind – and crazy – yes – write that down jonny –

  • Jonny: this homework is too hard, what’s 2+2 again?

    Thom: ummm

  • Dear Diary,
    It’s now been 3 weeks since thom froze up while playing the guitar. Colin is taking to his new role as lead vocalist like a duck to water, ed is still sulking and refuses to come out of the cupboard.

    I’ll write back soon with any news but I must go now, phil has taken off all his clothes and has started taking photos of me.

    P.S. i’ve just realised my pencil is upside down and I haven’t written a word.

  • jonny: Dear mom, how bout I come back home and finish my studies? This guy REALLY gets on my nerves…

  • While his compatriots write home or relax, Private Thom Yorke composes a song for his girlfriend Rachel of Oxfordshire.

  • “Don’t write this down Jonny, but I think I just played a brown note”

  • THOM: “Jonny, hold it there. Don’t move an inch. There’s a snake right in front of me.”

  • Thom : “Jonny, are you responsible for this ‘Dead Air Spice’ ?”

  • Jonny “God damnit Thom, can’t you remember your own lyrics, why do I have to write them down! Where the hell is my guitar?”

  • “Shagging to Paranoid Android? How?!?!?!”

  • Thom: wait….. why AM i in this band?

  • oh my god…. chris martin really meant it.. he never meant to cause me trouble…

  • thom (singing): “why so green and lonely?”
    johnny (writing): “because, once again, you wore the same shirt as me—you unoriginal bastard.”

  • Thom: Is that an A or a D? Which strings are they again?

    Jonny: (writing letter) Dear Mum, Today I signed a contract with Starbucks, I have yet to tell Thom that I forged his signature but 50% off Latte’s for life it’s just a deal I knew we couldn’t pass Im sure he’ll forgive me! Hope you’re well. Lots of Love Jonny

  • thom: “so, wait. a starbucks dollar for every copy we sell AND these fabulous shirts?”
    johnny: “mmm. yes. i’m going to sign before they come around and realize what they’ve done.”

  • thom: “I dunno Jonny, ‘We all came out to Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline’ sounds like a familiar lyric to me and that guitar riff of yours has a deja vu feel about it’

  • Jonny: 2 pints of milk, loaf of bread

    Thom: Don’t forget the Quorn steaks man

    Jonny: Quorn steaks….Got it

  • Thom, have you got an Eraser? I’ve drawn your eyes too close together, although I Might Be Wrrong!

  • “I don’t think i can hold this pose much longer, Jonny.”

  • jonny: Connect the dots la la la
    Thom: Ed,Is the bong kicked?

  • “Is it not a bit hypocritical to have got our tops from Gap Thom?

    I thought we were anti capitalism as a rule, you know our individual fortunes and mansions aside”

  • Jonny: I’ve been working on this and Thom, hold on to your trouser…2+2 actually = 4.

    Thom: Oh fuck.

  • Jonny: Nigel called, he wants his beard back
    Thom: the bbc called, and your fired

  • Hey Johnny….is that a Skittle on the floor over there?

  • Dear Starbucks Coffee Inc.-

    Thank you for your invitation to join your Hear Music label. However, we are currently not interested in signing. Thank you for your consideration. Love your spice cookies.


    Thom Yorke.

    (Dictated not read.)

  • Thom – “If only this damn beard wasn’t so itchy I might actually remember what the hell I was playing.”

    Johnny writing – ‘things to do:
    #1 stab Thom in the eye with this pencil for wearing the same shirt, I told him Thursdays were my green shirt day!! ‘

    #2 see just how many effects pedals I can work into a setup.

  • Thom waits for Jonny to finish his sudoku..

  • Thom: Johnny?
    Johnny: Yeah, Thom?
    Thom: Remember when you and Phil were on Harry Potter?
    Johnny: Oh, God. Not again, Thom.
    Thom: That was pretty fuckn stupid. You’re a couple of pretty little faeries, no?
    Johnny: Yes, Thom.

  • Thom: “Did I really agree to be a guest judge for next weeks American Idol?”

    Jonny: “It all seems to be here. You really should lay off the drugs, Thom.”

  • Jonny: so he wants me to write the songs now. gosh.

  • Jonny: If you register at that stupid message board, i will sign this contract Thom, i’m not joking here!

    Thom: But Jonny, it’s spleen weekend!

  • whoa…. for a minute there I lost myself

  • Music Therapy: The Bearded Guitar Sessions

  • Jonny: Ok, you sing the song, I’ll write down the lyrics.
    Thom: alright then, I got an idea for nude! Here it goes BEEP BEEP BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP *electro*

  • thom: “i think this is how Oasis played it”. jonny:”fuck that thom, me and colin will take out liam and noel in a knife fight we love u that much thom”…..thom: “well okay cause they hurt my fellings, it’s like i have global warming in my heart and nobody is doing anything about it”.

  • Not Only Your Guitar Player, But Also Your Therapist.

  • wakka wakka!

  • (Jonny in own head)Hey Thom! Let’s finish this fucking album you cunt! We’ve kept our ever-so-loyal fans waiting too long already!

  • UH johnny ….why did you really want us to dress alike today?

  • Jonny : I feel there are people looking at us, don’t you ? I told you this mansion was haunted.
    I can’t think anymore. Anyway I can’t see what I’m writing.

    Thom : Yeah, it’s the Ateasers, just keep pretending they’re not here ! At the moment, they’re counting the hairs on my arm, trying to read the time on my watch, wondering what chord I’m playing, what you’re writing, and if we have exactly the same t-shirt. They’ll be totally insane by the time LP7 is out ha ha ha ha !

  • jonny: “what’s a five letter word for sneak?”
    thom: “cre–fuck you”

  • Greenwood:
    “And how long have you been having these hallucinations?”

  • (2+2)= (green genius’)/Lp7

  • Green tee’s only 4 quid at the Gap!

  • Johnny (writing note)- Note to self: Thom has placed a live-feed hidden camera in my dressing room and is now playing mind games- I must find the camera and destroy it!

  • Anyone Can Play Guitar?

  • Jonny: OK Thom. I’ve wrote 2000-word essay on how good The Eraser. Can I pick up a guitar now?

    Thom: Not yet. Write 2000 words saying how much a waste of time your Bodysong album was.

  • Thom: Ok, jonny, we need a couple of eggs, some flour and alot of butter…
    Jonny:Don’t forget the maple syrup

  • Thom: Can I move my face now?

    Jonny: Wait Thom, almost got it….

  • johnny, i think we should start the album again!!!!

  • for the last time jonny two plus two equals five!! not matter how many times you try and work it out!!

  • “Hey guys…what did we do with that dead hooker?”

  • Radiohead frontmen Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood hard at work composing 2007 American Idol winner Sanjaya’s first single, “You Gotta be Kidding”.

  • “Dude. We are SO in Radiohead.”

  • Thom’s look grew more anguished as he struggled to hold the pose that Jonny had asked him to strike, just so he can finish his latest entry to Tony Hart’s viewer’s gallery…

  • Thom: It’s like all form is emptiness you know? I’m not real. You’re not real

    Jonny: uh huh…

  • Thom: Jonny, I forgot the lyrics… again!
    Jonny: …

  • Thom: We must to play in México City, Jonny
    Jonny: You’re right!, Thom

  • My lovely horse, running through the field
    Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?

    I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences
    Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist

    My lovely horse, youre a pony no more
    Running around with a man on your back, like a train in the night…

  • Thom: …alright Jonny, but this is the LAST time I’m showing you this so you’d better write it down. Anyone can play guitar, but you need to pay attention.

  • thom: “just do some doodles for the beard”

    jonny: “i already did the beard. i’m doing your whiner”

  • The NME
    3 April

    Photographer wins portrait-contest

    As you all see on our picture, the competition held today between glorious Radiohead guitargenious Jonny Greenwood and our photographer came out to our photographer’s best. The two boys decided to see who could be the first to finish a portrait of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke. Our photographer had a heartstroke due to the fast action. Johnny Greenwood took several minutes.

  • Thom: You knew I was going to wear this t-shirt today, and you still went ahead and wore yours too…! Arrrgh now the song sounds crap!!!

    Jonny: Dear Mum, thanks for the microwave baked cookies, we are all well except beadface who is really busting my balls today. Love Jonny x

  • Thom: Jonny, I had the most terrible dream…
    Jonny: That we both wore the same thing?
    Thom: No…
    Jonny: That the world ended?
    Thom: No…
    Jonny: That we never finished the album?
    Thom: No…
    Jonny: Then what?
    Thom: I dreamt that Chris Martin kept following me around and mimicking everything I did!
    Jonny: That reminds me, when are we going to finish that song Follow Me Around?
    Thom: Geez, Jonny, let’s just finish Nude first!

  • -“Jonny… whats your favorite color?”
    – “Polka Dot”

  • “Shit, Jonny dont look just call the fuzz, that fucking weird fishee is looking through the window again”

  • Thom : Jonny Writte this lyrics as i sing ….
    Jonny: ok but you will do the same for me after!
    Thom: yea (right… first off i need to clear that stupid rummor about starbucks)

  • thom: beard… itchy…
    jonny: that doesn’t rhyme

  • thom: man, f*ck that oasis bloke
    jonny: yeah, f*ck him

  • Thom: I don’t know how to love you anymore Johnny…I’m just not getting more out this relationship than I’m willing to put in…

  • The new Radiohead uniforms have really opened up the creative floodgates for frontman Thom York and guitarist Johnny Greenwood, when asked to comment Yorke said, “They’re great, it’s great, you know, now I can stop fussing over looking good in front of Johnny and get down to the music.” Drummer Phil Selway had this to ad…”I like green.”

  • Thom: And then I said ‘Listen, Bitch, if you ask me to play Creep one more goddamn time, I’ll cut you’.

  • “Hey johnny, what’s the Esperanto word for matching green t-shirts?”

  • Thom: “On the road again, just can’t wait to get off the road again…I just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

    Johnny: “Perhaps you should be playing ‘Lithium’.”

  • two prisoners serving their sentence, fed up of talking to each other.

  • “is this right?”

  • “is this right?”

  • what should go after go slowly?

  • “Johnny, what’s this instrument called”

    “I think it’s called a guitar”


  • …back to the drawing board.

  • Thom: “…Now I know my A B C, won’t you come and play with me…”

    Jonny: Getting better Thom, you only missed out 3 letters this time. Come on from the top again… When you get this we’ll be able to make the british charts. We’ll blow Jackson 5 right out of the water!!!

  • Jonny is working on analytical geometry while Thom is thinking, “If Descartes says God has infinite wisdom and humans have some power to the infinite, doesn’t that mean any idea i have of god is miniscule and meaningless?”

  • Jonny: (writing) Day 28, Thom is now convinced he is able to communicate with the moldy potatoe in the corner of the room, claiming that its telling him to change the name of the band to “The Singing Gooseberries”…

  • “The monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

  • Thom: Isn’t it annoying how people keep misspelling your name with an h after the o?

    Jonny: Yeah, people publicly posting misspellings of my name is really inconsiderate.

  • “Dear Mr. Blair, My friend Thom is writing a song about Iran and our citizens their guests…”

  • The test subject was made to hold a guitar, but he could not play it because he felt naked without professional musician’s ear plugs populating his auditory canal. The researcher attentively noted his observations.

  • Thom thinking… i wonder if he noticed that i was looking when he picked his nose with the eraser.

    Jonny writting… god save the queen, i picked my nose clean!

  • Thom: Wow, I forgot what a guitar feels like…

    Jonny: What’s a guitar?

  • Thom: You almost done with that crossword puzzle?

    Jonny: Almost… I need a 9 letter word for a group of procastinators, starts with “R”

  • “feverishly writing string scores”
    thom is playing the part to hunting bears while singing “hunting bears” in a high register, jonny sometimes stopping to glare in his direction…

  • Thom:Is that a bloody turd on the floor?

  • Jonny writting: Still can’t figure out which eye is looking at me…

    Thom: Fuck you.

  • Thom: *snif* Jonny…
    Jonny: yes, Thom?
    Thom: you don

  • Thom: “Colin? Are you dead?”
    Jonny: “I like to doodle-doodle with my noodle, la-la-la…”

  • thom:
    “jonny says to play c# here, but it sounds so “false Conglomerate”. its a total headfuck.”

  • Did I forget to have my tea and crumpets today?

  • FUCK!

  • thom: jonnny, i dont know why, but fuck i could go a steak right now.

  • Jonny, i cant WAIT to get back to sydney and play three shows at the Entertainment centre! i’m so excited that its the first place we are going as soon as we release this album!

  • (shit. i think i left the oven on.)

  • “Maybe ‘Sudoku’ isn’t the freshest album title after all”

  • thom, “I wonder where’s jonny”
    jonny, “I hope thom can’t see me, i’ve got to finish this ‘to-do list’. Number one thing on me list, ‘start me to-do list’ “.

  • Working hard….or hardly working?

  • Thom : Jonny how does this sound ‘ One more cup of coffee before I go ‘
    Jonny : Sorry mate Dylan got there first

  • “Radar & Hawkeye were doing their best to come up with a new theme tune but they could never better their ‘Suicide Is Painless’ effort.”


  • “Jonny – make a note – ‘Remember to put strings on the guitar next time’. I knew we’d forgotten something…”

  • jonny: so that guy at the table by the window wanted a latte while the guy with the mac ordered…

    thom: damn jonny, i really didn’t think this whole starbucks thing would work out so well. i feel kinda stupid wearing these matching shirts though.

  • “THOM, STOP MOVING!! I can’t draw your beard properly when you do that shaky head thing!”

  • “How come every goddamn time I wear MY best goddamn green t-shirt Jonny just happens to saunter along in his own goddamn green tee?”

  • Jonny excitedly jots down today’s observations regarding the furious race between Thom’s beard and hair…

  • All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…
    All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…
    All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…
    All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…
    All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…
    All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy…

  • “What if Autechre were to try playing guitar?”

  • While Thom uses his guitar, Jonny uses calculus to attempt to solve the age old question of “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”
    Deciding to cut to the chase, Colin, Phil, and Ed are out wandering around the woods.
    Radiohead have decided that they will not continue recording until they know the answer.
    Photo by Stanley Donwood, who prefers to draw trees instead of ponder them.

  • what do you think of the green parade idea jonny???

  • Jonny: I hate this Sudoku game!!!
    Thom: Leave it Jonny… Just grab the Telecaster and lets make a Sigue Sigue Sputnik cover…
    Jonny: Yeah!!! Can it be “Love Missile”?
    Thom: No! Not that one!!! I don’t like missiles…
    Jonny: Ok Thom!!! Can we play the Knight Rider theme instead??? Please Thom… Please…
    Thom: Oh Jonny! Just forget it ok?… Finish the game and let me work…

  • Thom – Im just about to write the most beautifull song.

    Johnny – But you already have!

  • Dear Ed, Colin, and Phil,
    Hey guys! The album is going great! Thom and I are almost done with it. We’ll let you know when it’s finished so you can come take a listen. Right now Thom is trying to finish some lyrics but he can’t think of anything that rhymes with “Global Warming”. I have to go help him out. Take care guys, miss you,

  • “Here Thom, how does this sound:

    Ooh that dress so scandalous
    And you know another nigga can’t handle it
    So you shakin that thang like who’s the ish
    With a look in yer eyes so devilish

    You like to dance on the hip hop spots
    And you cruise to grooves to connect the dots
    Not just urban she like the pop
    ‘Cause she was Livin’ La Vida Loca

    She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck
    Thighs like what, what, what
    Baby move your butt, butt, butt
    I think i’ll sing it again…

    I just can’t think of the chorus, any ideas?”

  • Thom: “Global warming, starvation, war, politics, death, religion, genocide, euthanasia, murder, death, human injustice, racism, facism,…..”

    Johnny; ” If i string my guitar upside down, and then play it backwards, then record it, reverse the tape, time stretch it….run that through the space echo and kaoss pad………divide the time time signature by 13.7, and……”

  • ARR! we be pirate radiohead now!
    were be me spinach!
    yuk yuk yuk!

  • So the chorus to our cover of Mmmbop goes from C# to augmented F? hows about in between the 2 notes we place the toot of a bicycle horn?

  • …Tell me your secrets

  • Thom:”I keep growing my beard and you write on your pad so pensively. Are you thinking about my beard because I am. And someone with too much time on their hands is thinking about it too.” – Track 2 off the new album

  • we need a scary new sound for those lyrics.

    Wait! this pencil against the paper will fit.

    Well done!

  • For fuck’s sake Jonny…Put down the crossword puzzle, would you??? Pick up a fucking guitar and let’s finish “Arpeggi”! Just because we have no contract doesn’t mean we can keep the fans waiting.

  • Jonny: “Hey, i’ve got some lyrics i wrote, and…..”
    Thom: “eem, does it have some reference to global-warming/modern-politics/questions-about-life-and-death somewhere?”
    Jonny: “….yeah, well, not really, is more like a love song and you see, i toug…”
    Thom: “then forget about it.”

  • This is not a guitar.

  • “Hmm, yeah that should be an A-minor Thom.. You sound totally off-key in this one.”

  • You call that a contract?!

  • Down at Fraggle Rock.

  • The yin and yang of compositional thought process.

  • thom: (singing) You don’t remember
    Why don’t you remember my name?

    jonny: (absentmindedly while reading) that’s what she said.

  • “No Jonny, for the uhm-teenth time, I’m not depressed! The chicks really dig my beard.”

  • hey, is THAT my razor over there?

  • Thom plays Open Pick acoustic to a local school class of under 5s.

    Thom; “what do you mean you don’t get it?”

    Jonny; “fucking soduku!!”

  • “Wait, wait ! I got a new one !”

  • Thom: “so, we’ll call this one “caption competition” and they’ll never know we are thinking about it at the same time they’re thinking about what we’re thinking!”
    Jonny: “i know… that’s like… so… DUDE! we ROCK!”

  • Thom: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    Jonny: *writing*

  • Thom: Hit me baby one more time!

  • So glad we signed onto this global warming thing. Now we can keep Africans in the stone age. JUST SAY NO TO CARBON*

    *Unless you live in any industrialized nation in the world


  • “Jonny, when you’re done with the crosswords let me know cause we got to finish Arpeggi here.”

  • bootcamp sucks!

  • J:
    What about this?
    “I am beautiful no matter what they say,
    Words can’t bring me down”
    Farken ‘ell! Brilliant!

  • “I don’t want to die alone.”

  • Amazingly, the dwarf played him exactly the chord combination he was looking for

  • Thom- Jonny?
    Thom- Was that You? It stinks!! How many sprouts did you eat at lunch?

  • Thom; “I’m not sure it was such a good idea to shrink Ed”

    Jonny; “shhh, I’ve almost got the formula to grow Phils hair”

  • Jonny: Ok, let’s see what we’ve got here… how about the name “Radiohead”?

    Thom: Nah, I liked “Duran Duran” better… what do you think?

    Jonny: Duran Duran it is!

  • Write 100 lines,”I will not have ideas of my own”

  • Thom Yorke and Johny Greenwood from Radiohead writing music and sharing. “It could all be so simple but instead I feel nauseous,” Thom.

  • Jonny writes, “so why was Thom’s album The Eraser so much better received than my Bodysong?”

    While Thom thinks, “Wait… i’m missing something. Oh that’s right! An arrangement for the rest of the band! I thought I was not going solo again…”

  • Jonny: “…dammit, how do you spell ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’?!?

  • Thom : Fuck, is that a bug i see over there ???
    Jonny : Amazing lyrics, go on… What’s the story around that ?

  • “Everything’s cool… Jonny’s over there, doesn’t have a clue. I’ll just walk over to the bathroom and change my pants.”

  • mortgages lender mortgage home lenders lender mortgage home

  • lender homes mortgage home wins the contest

  • (I WIN!!)**

    Jonny: ‘Oi Thom…5 letter word for “a detestable person”…erm…i thiiink it ends in a P…’

    Thom: ’emmmmm…FUCK i’m shit at those things!’


  • bread, milk…..ummm

  • is that starbucks i smell?

  • “Same shirt, same jeans…
    No one will ever know what they really mean…”

  • “Same shirt, same jeans…
    No one will ever know what they really mean…”

  • Jonny:”thom, did you remember to pay the bills like i asked you to?”

    Thom:”was that tast night?”

    J:”yes its was. we are overdue already.”


  • johnny: ‘i like pickles a lot, what do you think, thom, like, ‘

    thom: (makes sound of porcelain dolls run over by giant steamlocomotives)

  • johnny: ‘huh.’

  • Thom: Jonny, I was just thinking, we might have added 2+2 wrong. You want to double check that?
    Jonny(in his mind): Oh shit, 2+2 equals 4, not 5.

  • “So Green, Not So Lonely”

  • Dammit Jonny, i had the idea for matching green tees ever since Fake Plastic Trees, but you shot it down. Now look who’s laughing.

  • Thom: “Who tuned this fucking thing?”
    Jonny: “You mean you tune?”

  • thom: “Ho Ho Ho!”
    jonny: “what thom?”
    thom: “erm, nothing.”

  • Yorke “I love you Jonny.”
    Greenwood “I love you too Thom,”

  • thom voiced his concern to the rest of the band that he feared jonny would never regain his voice and would forever have to communicate to them by writing everything down

  • Thom: “Jonny, what rhymes with Bush is a radioacive pig rolling around in his own destruction of the world while he feasts on the vittles of the innocent?”

    Jonny: “So I won’t be playing guitar on this one either?”

  • Thom: “Jonny, what rhymes with Bush is a radioactive pig rolling around in his own destruction of the world while he feasts on vittles of the innocent?”

    Jonny: “So I won’t be playing guitar on this one either?”

  • “So tell me Thom, how long have you been having nightmares about shaving?”

  • “Green shirts don’t make it.”

  • We are in Thom,red-book (a list of animals of an endangered species)!


  • Competition? Absolutely! I love that these guyes are taking it seriously. The competition, as I see it, is with the bar they’ve continously set so high.

    Look at Thom, taking a cue from the NHL in going with the “Playoff Beard”. Not shaving til they bring it home. Bring it on home Thommy Boy!

    Unified in their devotion, they are going with the uniform green jersey’s.

    And even thought they are going with the Hawkeye and Trapper John/BJ Hunnicut look, I hope this studio stint isn’t going to take as long as MASH to conclude. B/C I can’t wait for the studio versions of Videotape, 15-Step, DITNU, Arpeggi, Body Snatchers, Open Pick (my personal favorite), and Bangers and mash….and can’t wait to see how they work in Spooks. And anticipating some new surprises, twists etc…and maybe an accompanying DVD.

  • Well, if they freed me from this prison,
    If that railroad train was mine,
    I bet I’d move out over a little,
    Farther down the line,
    Far from Folsom Prison,
    That’s where I want to stay,
    And I’d let that lonesome whistle,
    Blow my Blues away.

  • Fake plastic beard

    A green T-shirt 1/2 price sale…
    And a fake beard I’ll buy as well…
    With Ed’s pla-a-stic card…

    And Jonny keeps bugging me?
    With lyrics of mad ponies?
    That just bite you?and run.

    It makes me pout, It makes me pout
    It makes me pout, It makes me pout

    Ed’s such a twisted man
    This beard was his evil plan
    To camouflage my pout

    These green shirts were just too cool
    For a pouting and beardless fool
    To just turn… and run.

    It makes me pout, It makes me pout
    It makes me pout, It makes me pout

    It looks like the real thing
    It feels like the real thing
    My fake plastic beard
    Now I can’t get it off
    It’s making me sneeze and cough
    But the glue is… too strong

    It makes me pout, It makes me pout
    It makes me pout, It makes me pout

    I just want to wear my green T-shirt
    I just want to wear my green T-shirt

    All the time
    All the time

  • Thom to Jonny:
    “Hey Jonny…Can I rhyme shwarma with Karma?”

    Journal Entry – Day 4 of Jesus Camp –
    The food’s great but “Kumbaya” is driving us mad.
    Love, Jonny

  • What the hell is that on the floor? Wait a tick, is that…….oh fuck me it is……someone murdered my pet gerbils climate, change, is, and dangerous. I think i’ll just slide into the megahertz zone and slip into music oblivion.

  • thom: (15th record company interview) whas you gonna do for us that no one else aint.
    RC: Well buy all five of you new chopper bycicles
    jonny: can i get a life supply of gum. (to self: to stick in thoms hair when he’s sleeping and convince him i saw the milk man break in and scandusly do perverse things to him when he was sleeping)
    thom: (to self: yea ok jonny when i found you, you were selling yourself for a stick’life supply of gum
    out loud: yea and i want a life supply of you leaving me the fuck alone so get out.
    cecord company #15:(leaving) eh those clowns r fucked

  • wait a minute… what did he say in the ‘just’ video?

  • thom and jonny at work on the uk entry for the eurovision song contest.
    thom-” right jonny now we have decided on the naff costumes write down these lyrics:-
    disconnected, disjointed, accidental, sketchy…..”
    as if…..

  • johnny greenwood (background) is currently undergoing the behavious of the recently discovered sasquatch (foreground)

  • On a Friday….?!

  • Jonny : the way Thom ..Rachael left a message earlier..asked if you had turned off the gas.

    Thom : DOH!

  • Jonny : Hey Thom..(Beavis & Butthead sniggering) Heh heh ..heh heh..look ..I drew a picture of Brittney Spears and me naked !..heh hehya ya..hehe

    Thom : Cool ..he heh ya ya dipstick..I wonder if shes wearing any underwear right now…he he hyah hyah.
    …and both start sniggering together!

  • Thom: That superwedgie still hurts, Jonny..

    Jonny : Shut ya crap and play or its the atomic wedgie next!

  • Thom puzzles: “I know you’re sitting right in front of me… but why are you so blurry?”

  • thom: eh do you wanna get all baked wit des new hedds i just picked up from snoop dog, then we can like write a song and…
    jonny: ya sure thom
    2hours later thom: jonny what da fuck are we doing with our lives, were like total mind fucks
    jonny: (hiding his equipment piece by piece) dont have another meltdown thom
    thom: don’t tell me what the fuck to do mate
    (kicking and smashing things in the studio) ThATS IT MAN, THERE NOT GETTING IT.. sorry cant have it. Period. (talking about LP7)
    thom:there just gonna ruin it yaknow jonny?
    jonny: no thom i don’t. I don’t have any idea what the fuck your talking about and i think that weed you picked up was fake.

  • THOM – Oh…O my god, Jon! Jonny!
    JONNY – Yeah?
    THOM – Just take…take this down, okay, take this down…(strums/sings) Wee haaave….we have THE SAAAME GRREEEEEN SHIRRRT on…..and some JEEEEAAAANNNNssss….we do we do

  • ‘did i leave the gas on?’

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