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Stanley Donwood issues new Taglibro

Stanley Donwood posted a new issue of his Taglibro. In number seven he talks about ‘Pointless Platitudes’, the new series of screenprints, which are apparently not finished yet. Two prints will soon be avaialable exclusively for

As you all know, there’s still an exhibition running in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Stanley liked it in Rotterdam and yeah, Holland is flat. Stanley assured me he will be back in Europe soon. For now, you can still check out the exhibition in Rotterdam at V!P’s Gallery: ‘Department of Reclusive Paranoia’.And then the new exhibition of new work opens in London (again at Lazarides) on June 15 with new work entitled ‘If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now’. Stanley made seven new paintings and ten etchings and this will give you an idea of the direction of the upcoming Radiohead artwork. Read Taglibro 7

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