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New design for

OK, here it is… A new and fresh design for It’s a bit of old and new At Ease combined. Retro Radiohead, etc etc. Things still need to be tweaked. Not everything is working as it should. So bear with me while I’m having a nervous breakdown. Hope you all like it. 

Update: Please note that the RSS feed url has changed. Please update your feedreaders to this one.

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  • looks good.

  • It’s refreshing. Look. At. Me.

  • New website for new Radiohead album;-)

  • yeah pretty good, ade mang! i like the banner a lot. good job.

  • Thanks for trying to keep it new and interesting! Looks very nice.

  • very nice ! 🙂

  • Looks great Ade. Much appreciated.

  • Looks smashing. Watch it with all the breaking down via nerves. 🙂

  • dope shit;)

  • nice job. nice change. nice layout. nice dream. nice!

  • A bit scary when everything went black. Looks good. Great job as usual.

  • looks awesome!

  • looks great!

  • Nice. It’s crisp.

  • very nice.

  • even better when i scrolled down to the bottom!

  • Looks amazing mate, really like.

    Only comment I have is compatibility for mobile browsing – especially Opera Mini 4, where the body text on left hand side can’t be viewed once you’ve clicked on the right hand menu for news.

    On a desktop browser it looks great, congrats!!

  • holy blogsite batman!

  • very nice !

  • Kon minder 🙂

  • Adriaan

    Looks great; back is the new front

    best wishes

    MC LoveTczoch

  • Nice work Ade!

  • Congratulations, a great theme. WordPress?

  • wow it looks awsome

  • hey, another great present to my birthday. very good work.
    thank you

  • looks fab – nice work adriaan

  • It looks FABULOUS!

  • Well done!!!!!!! Congrats for all the people who work for ateaseweb.

    See ya

  • Looks awesome so far!!

  • Excellent! Thanks for this!

  • Why get nervous?

    We will wait

    some may not.

    It may rain or it may shine.

    I may be drunk, I may be sad,

    what is will be, won’t isn’t can’t.

  • COOL

  • Gorgeous.

  • Not working on mac in firefox, part of the left side of the page is cut off

  • Not working on mac in firefox, part of the left side of the page is cut off.

    Ither than that, looking good

  • thanks everybody!

    @ Steven: Which version of FF are you using? I’ve got here and it loads ok here.

  • Love the brown and the blue, Adrian.

  • the new design looks great. it loads a little slow though

  • Great! Very good work.

  • great design! congratulations!

  • it’s fu’ing grea’!

  • Looks good man. Polished even:-)

  • New Layout looks awesome

  • Looks pretty cool. There’s lots of old-skool going on, but at the same time it’s very light and fresh and I think that will suit the new album well.

  • refreshing as old good lemon juice.: )
    love it.

  • I think it looks dope

  • very nice. but it doesnt works on 800×600 resolution 🙂

  • looks like an urban outfitters website

  • left side gets cut off when the browser window is less than the width of the page content. should be a simple css fix. i’m using firefox on winxp.

  • It does look quite nice. Don’t work too
    hard, Adriaan. Take care and thanks for
    the community message board. (By the way
    this comment section requires hitting
    “Enter” to see the following line’s comments
    otherwise it’s all one line, most of which you can’t see. Anyway thanks.

  • Love it, great effort.

  • Beautiful, Ade. Nice to wake up to.

  • really nice.
    the background blue lines may affect legibility, in my opinion.
    but really nice work, even though i’m not a fan of the huge footer (and tags).
    (everything loads fine too on my mac/ firefox 2)

  • Nice one, Ade! 🙂

  • Looks great. Not to add to your nervous breakdown, but the widget needs to be fixed now as well.

  • it doesn’t look good on safari. I can’t read anything…

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