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OK X: A Tribute to OK Computer

More tributes, more covers, more anniversaries, more OK Computer… will it ever end? No, since there’s nothing new from Radiohead, we might as well check on what others did to Radiohead’s older work. Combining the recent anniversary of OK Computer… we now have ‘OK X: A Tribute to OK Computer’.

This tribute album to Radiohead’s OK Computer has been organised by the nice folks over at Stereogum. Artists include Cold War Kids, Dave Bazan, Doveman, Slaraffenland, John Vanderslice, Vampire Weekend and My Brightest Diamond. We can tell you what we think of it, but Pitchfork already did that… And if you want to have your say, let us know what your favourite track is. Download all tracks, the cover over and read the artists notes on the tracks at Stereogum!

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  • Doveman’s Airbag is brilliant!

  • vampire weekend’s exit music is really good. like a castlevania version.

  • vampire weekend is the shit

  • It’s godawful, bar the ‘Let Down’ cover.

  • Ahahaha, I am not usually a fan of Radiohead covers, but this is better than the rest…and Fitter Happier is just funny.

  • Nadler’s cover of “No Surprises” is amazing.

  • id give it a 5.0 pitchfork is too indie to be fair.. it doesn’t do anything and too many irritating sounds

  • I really loved Let down cover! ♥

  • i know that everyone is bagging on it, but i thought the electioneering cover was quite good. fitter happier was the first time i could listen to the song in quite some time. the rest of the album just can’t hold up to the original work. i think the best thing about it is that it makes you realize just how f’in great radiohead really is

  • Vanderslice raped the flow of Karma Police, listened threw it once only to see what they did with the transition, will never listen to that again, loved Let down though, fitter happier was funny as hell though :), electioneering was well done, climbing up the walls was one of the worst mixes I have ever heard, NO Surprises was fucking brilliant, Lucky also is win, overall probly the best cover album I’ve heard of Radiohead

  • the cover of lucky by my brightest diamond is really beautiful.

  • Interesting

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