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Thom Yorke warns Gordon Brown

Friends of the Earth have launched an online march asking for a strong climate law, as Thom Yorke mentioned earlier. On the FOE website you can upload a video to ask your MP about that law.

Thom Yorke has posted a video where he reminds Gordon Brown that he’s “committed to a bill to reduced C02 emissions double quick time. And if he doesn’t: it will come down on him like a ton of bricks.”

If you want to join the march, check the Friends Of The Earth website for more information.

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  • Oh shit. He means it.

    For God’s sake Gordon, Bricks!

  • Thom should be more careful when addressing a man the I think would be very quick to silence people who argue, especially people who are aggressive!

    Still I think with Gorden’s weight he could come down on anyone like a ton of bricks himself!

  • Poor Thom. Of course the cause is just, of course Gordon Brown should do this, but i’ve yet to see any of Thom’s FOE contributions where he doesn’t come across as a petulant brat.

    Still, he looks like a real little sweetheart in that sweater. Bless…

  • i honestly dont think he meant it as a genuine threat, i think he was just toying with brown really

    besides, brown knows what would happen if he breaks his commitment anyway

  • Thom Yorke certainly has the right to express his opinion, but I think people are beginning to get tired of “bully celebrities” like Thom and Bono who have been known to use threats to get what they want from politicians. In 2005 at a U2 concert, I (along with tens of thousands of fans who paid big bucks for tickets) had to stand there and listen to Bono’s sermon on everything from gun control to AIDS to poverty to the environment — a sermon that lasted about 5 songs! Totally ruined the show. Thom, I respect your views and you have the right to speak out, but stop bullying people around using your fame. It’s getting really old!

  • What really pisses me off is people who ae criticising him for putting pressure on the government, as if its “getting really old” – this is ridiculous! Its not getting old at all, this is CURRENT. Hes not just standing there making a video himself saying, “hey look at me, Im influential, Im gonna bully the new Prime Minister” – Hes doing it as part of the FOE, which is an important, successful and necessary pressure group! We need faces like his in order to keep the pressure on the government to keep promises they normally don’t. And anyone who says that he’s a hypocrite or doesn’t do enough clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Everyone’s a hypocrite in this society. But it’s about what you DO, not what you don’t.
    Go on Thom my son.

  • And don’t compare Thom with bloody Bono. Thats just cruel.

  • […] Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame has just issued a video asking his MP in Britain to remind Gordon Brown that he has pledged to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. I am very thankful to Mr. Yorke for standing up for such an important issue. A voice like his cuts through almost all the noise of the neo-conservative spin machine. See video here. […]

  • that was p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!! and stu is right: don’t compare sweet thommy with bono!

  • yeah you wouldn’t compare radiohead to U2…

  • I agree with stu, never compare Thom to Bono! I hate Bono! and I hate U2 even more…
    Its not about Thom “using his fame”, he’s recognised he’s an influence to some people and he’s making sure that influence is a good one, something all “famous” people should be doing, I’ll agree, there is a time and a place for this, but I have never found it has got in the way of his music.

  • Love his face right at the end 😀

  • In 2005 I was at Rock Werchter and at some point I got really tired with almost every artist saying some type of political shit. I had just been to a U2 concert the week before and so when I heard Shirley Manson complaining about George Bush I almost flipped out for a moment… But then it made sense… If THEY don’t spread these types of messages, then who will? If your answer is something like FOE, I think you’re wrong simply because FOE will never have the reach groups like Radiohead and U2 have… FOE is a legit organization and I personally became acquainted with them through Thom, I don’t understand why anyone would complain.. If it pisses you off, then maybe you should go and do some research and understand what is happening in our world. The things these sort of people “whine” about are matters that *should* concern most of us.

    If hearing Thom spread a political message during every fucking song in a concert will have a positive impact on society, even the smallest one, I think we should all put up with it. I don’t know, maybe the next time Bush’s daughters are in MSG pushing people around with their bodyguards Thom will say something that will make them realize and trascend the bullshit that currently takes place in almost every administration around the world.

    I would speculate that most people here are independent thinkers, but having seen the post above I realize how influential we really are. Everything looks far now.. I’m digressing and will stop. Shit, there’s a persitant beat.

    (And Ade, could you fix the comment window? Everytime I write it doesn’t word wrap until a few characters after the box ends)

  • Why don’t you quit the ‘I’m so angry’-act
    and just make a new album again, Thom?

  • check

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