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‘Tinkered With’ Radiohead shirts

W.A.S.T.E. have added a ‘Tinkered With‘ section to the Radiohead shop. There are 5 shirts with Kid A-era artwork from Stanley Donwood that have been reworked and printed.
Some of these shirts (and more to be added) are also available at the (GoodRock powered) store, especially interesting for those in North America.

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  • Nice one Ade, cheers!

  • I wish I could read the whole page. The whole left side of my screen is cut off. It’s been like this ever since Adriaan gave the site it’s new look.

  • Those are already out of stock in waste already 🙁

  • dis was old news.
    but love ya for the godrock thing.

  • Rusty, made some changes. how is it now?

  • Much better! Thanks Ade. Love your site.

  • These “tinkered” shirts look like they’re made differently from other WASTE shirts–they look more like traditional tshirts and maybe not using the WASTE sizing? Can anyone confirm?


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