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Bat For Lashes on Thom Yorke

Bat For Lashes was interviewed by Scott McLennan for Rip It Up (issue 942) and asked about Thom including Bat For Lashes on his iTunes playlist. The popularity of Fur & Gold – particularly with celebrity fans such as Jarvis Cocker, Bjork and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke – has taken the charming and down-to-earth Natasha by surprise.

Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan: “I get quite shocked that Thom Yorke said he loved Horse & I,” Natasha assured. “When I was a teenager I grew up listening to Radiohead’s The Bends every day in my Walkman, crying and being really Gothed out and stuff, so it’s so weird for me years later to hear that.”

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  • I absolutely love Bat for Lashes! Heard them ages ago, but never really started paying attention until Thom put a song in his iTunes playlist, then I listened to Fur and Gold. It’s such a beautiful album, and I really hope it wins then Mercury Prize, but then again, I (kinda selfishly) don’t want them getting too much mainstream recognition, as I want them all for myself 🙂

  • I’m with you, Ben. I want them to win, but at the same time, I enjoyed having them to myself. They are an excellent live band and it made me appreciate ‘Fur and Gold’ even more afterwards.

  • That really is an amazing album – I, like many people, checked it out after Yorke had it on his itunes playlist and I’m really glad I did. “Trophy” is probably my favorite on there.

  • Yea…”Trophy” is awesome. Unfortunately I’m yet to see them live, I keep being busy or away when they’re playing near me 🙁 and they’re in America at the minute I think.

  • what’s that song thom is singing in “meeting people is easy” when jonny is reading a book and all the band members come in at the end? a little help thanks?

  • I really hope she wins too, the rest of the list is so mediocre and unoriginal.

    Although, I have never heard Basquat Strings and the Monkeys/New Young Pony Club are okay. I thought an artist could only win the prize once though? The Monkeys better not steal it again.

  • […] year, Thom Yorke posted a Bat For Lashes track on his iTunes playlist, saying: “Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes ain’t scared. I love the harpsichord and the sexual ghost voices and bowed saws. This song seems […]

  • […] of Thom’s favourites was ‘Horse and I’. Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes is a fan of Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’ apparently as the band […]

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