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Stanley Donwood in Juxtapoz

Stanley Donwood is featured in the August isse of Art & Culture magazine Juxtapoz. The feature covers 12 pages with artwork, the interview and a photo taken by Colin Greenwood.

Stanley talks about his art, his ‘career’ as an artist and of course Radiohead: “I’m listening to the new stuff now. Nigel is downstairs playing a bit from a song repeatedly. I kind of listen to it for months while I’m doing the artwork so it seeps into my brain. By time it comes out I’ll be fucking sick of it. […] Currently I’ve been listening to this German band, ModeSelektor.” [thx to HTBLCG for the picture]

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  • That’s it. I am definitely investing in a new scanner. 😉

  • he will be sick of it. can’t mean it blew him away.

  • I definetly want to buy that. Is that worth the 10 euros (approximately) to import it to Europe? Besides this article I mean. Many pages? Not packed with ads? No pretentious writing?

  • hm nice to see some magazines can get 12
    full pages about this man. id like to get it

    the pic is cool though


  • remedious, you surely should! 😛

  • its a very very awesome article, filled with a few things i wouldn’t have figured stan to do

  • Oi in reference to trystero, Yes its a great magazine, filled with more artwork and articles then ads, and usually there will be like 4 ads to a page. and they are ads for galleries and art shows you know? so it really is a cool mag

  • Really great article. I think the interview is actually written by Evan Pricco but Colin did the portrait.

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