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News in brief: Rock Band, OK Computer, Interpol

Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ has been confirmed to be included on ‘Rock Band’. The video game is due out in the US at the end of 2007 and in Europe in early 2008.

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ topped Russian PLAY Magazine’s All Time Album List. ‘Kid A’ ranked 11th and ‘The Bends’ was on 43th place. ‘OK Computer’ also ranked number one in the All Time Album list of readers of Dutch magazine OOR.
Interpol mentions Radiohead in their cover article in the August issue of Spin: For Carlos D, the band’s assimilation of these ideas was a watershed moment: “That’s when I realized this ablum was going to be something special. Now that we’ve gotten this record out of the way, I’m thinking about the fourth record. We can really do our Kid A or Amnesiac.”

And has been included at Feeling proud 😉 Don’t forget to vote for Radiohead At Ease at the Digital Music Awards!

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  • *Slaps head*

  • Oh I cringed when I heard Creep is going to be included in Rock Band. Great OKC topped the list.

  • Laughable. Interpol and Kid A in the same sentence.

    Ah, hahahaha.

  • I keep saying that Harmonix needs to use Paranoid Android (though Just would probably be a great Guitar Hero song, too). Enough with the cheesy 80s metal. Give us Radiohead!

  • yeah, the new interpol album is crap :/

    maybe they will have a limp bizkit record instead :E

  • Egos aside , interpol are amazing
    in their own right.

  • haaaaaaa……..he thinks he already did an okc!!!

  • No surprises is included on singstar 3 for the ps3

  • Interpol is better than most bands out there, considering the fact that most bands out there suck major ass. besides, their new album isn’t bad at all. congrats to Radiohead for acheiving greatest album status in two publications. and why Creep for Rock Band? they should have gone with something else.

  • Interpol are amazing. Their new album is great, and I saw them live yesterday and their live show is tighter than ever!! Rock of Carlos D!

  • i hadn’t really heard interpol until reading ’07 and all i can say, from my limited knowledge of them, is that they are incredibly dull!

  • well well, mildly ripping off the hollies’ song “the air that i breathe” really worked out for the blokes. or was it a nod? nah, too obscure these days right?

  • interpol album is great but is no ok

  • interpol have been going down hill ever since their second record, there’s no way in hell they should be comparing themselves with radiohead

  • listen….radiohead comparison, there just isn’t….but interpol isn’t bad at all…. they have some real good stuff….turn on the bright lights was amazing….and there new stuff aren’t bad…..its just different…radiohead is simply to much for words to handle…can’t wait for teletext…

  • Interpol are fantastic. Their new album is a definite grower. I’d think that RH fans would appreciate the slow burn potential of an album.

  • Gr8 news, creep was the last song they play here in Bs AS Love it !!!

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