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The Karma Police play OK Computer

Radiohead tribute band The Karma Police will play Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ in full – from start to finish – to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album’s release, this Friday in New York City.

For those that are still unfamiliar with the tribute band can check out their MySpace, which is packed with live audio and video recordings. And for those in the New York area might as well, check out the show at The Lions Den at 11:30 pm, cause for now this is closest you can get to a Radiohead live show these days. Aside from the OK Computer tracks, The Karma Police will alsobe playing other Radiohead songs. The Lions Den is at 214 Sullivan St. More information at

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  • w00t!! can we do live setlist updates? I’ve got a reporter and everything !!

  • I am not impressed with their singer.
    In fact, I’m not very impressed with this band. :/

  • Link wasn’t working on here to their myspace site. It’s:
    Can’t wait to see this show! I’ve seen them twice at BB Kings..Incredible!

  • Not sure who Sgt. Bulko is talking about, cause these guys kicked ass when I saw them live…

  • I caught these guys at Lee’s Palace in toronto … very solid performace. Sure ,its not Radiohead per se… but it beat the $500.00 ticket i could have gotten off the street. I miss the old days…

  • A much better Radiohead Tribute band based out of Philadelphia, PA is also playing OK Computer at a show in November. They’re also playing the Bends in October. Please check them out:

  • Just checked out these guys on their myspace page…They really do a great job…Sound Just like them! That band from Philly’s page..Umm, sounds more like Coldplay..”Do you know how I know you’re gay?”

  • I give these karma boys props for putting this together!…Been waiting so damn long for the real thing to come around again I need a Radiohead fix now, now, now!!!

  • Huntingbears.. are you out of your f’ing mind? You praise TKP singer but diss Meeting In The Aisle’s referring them to Coldplays? Clearly you don’t know a good singer when you hear one.

  • TKP’s singer is whiny. Meeting in the Aisle’s sound more like Thom. ‘Nuff Said.

  • Just saw this post! YEEESSSS!! I am the BIGGEST RADIOHEAD fan!!! Went to your myspace page. You guys do a brilliant job on creep, national anthem, fake plastic and paranoid. I will be at the show Friday!!

  • i usually never comment, but I just read these comments. what a bunch of whiny babies this philadelphia tribute band sounds like. Atease must think the karma police are good or they wouldn’t have posted about them. I checked them out and they are pretty solid. I think meeting in the aisle should grow up. really pathetic when bands promote themselves in this manner.

  • thom.. you should stick to never commenting.

  • Thanks for proving to all of us again that nothing ever good comes out of philadelphia. Especially radiohead tributes.

  • hey, just reading these comments on here… who cares who likes which band? The whole point is everyone here likes Radiohead, and the people in these bands obviously love Radiohead or they wouldn’t be playing in these tribute acts. Everyone needs to get over themselves and just enjoy the f’ing music!

  • This thread of comments is a joke. how about neither band is actually Radiohead and is just paying homage to one of the greatest bands of our generation. The KP guy may not sound a whole lot like Thom and his diction is far too clear but the bands sound and instrumentation is incredible. They pull off idioteque for christs sake. As for meeting in the Aisle, sure that guy sounds a hell of a lot like Thom but the music and effects aren’t that full. If you don’t like one or the other, shut the hell up and wait for Radiohead to tour.

  • Damn you indiecodemonkey! you must have posted that while I was typing my post. Cheers to us for being intelligent and level-headed.

  • i agree with the last couple posts… we are all fans here , who really cares who thinks who is better.. let’s all grow up and just celebrate an amazing band ( Radiohead ) … no matter what city you are in. Go see people play live music… go sing along. Have a pint and high five your friend that they are playing paranoid android… There should be an ego coat check at this site…

  • These guys are great, they are actually from a town called Lewiston (about half an hour out of Buffalo) and play in a local bar called the Brickyard on about a bimonthly schedule. if you are ever out this way check it out, great place.

  • i was at the lions den last night, and i went into the show with low expectations, but it was an awesome show that had teh crowd energized. and i wil lagree it prob will be the closest thing to an actual radiohead concert for a while.

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