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News in Brief: Hodiau Direkton, Midlake, Kid A live

Radiohead are back online. First post on Hodiau Direkton in a long long while. An image with the Worm Buffet icons was posted. But… is there a cryptic message in it for us? Apparently it reads: ‘YES WE ARE STILL ALIVE’

Speaking of cryptic, file this under vague rumours

KinkFM will broadcast a list of the 1212 best pop songs ever. It’s Pearl Jam’s ‘Black’ that topped the list, but Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ is number 2. Listeners of the station voted 14 other Radiohead songs into the KINK 1212 list.

Apparently Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ helped Midlake to where they are now. Midlake’s Tim Smith was playing saxophone and they were really into Herbie Hancock. He got into Radiohead’s OK Computer, an album he credits with having inspired the band to “quit messing around with the jazz.” It took some time, though, to learn how to play. “You don’t just jump straight to Radiohead or Fleetwood Mac,” Smith says. “It usually takes a jazz musician a little while to figure out how to play rock and how to write rock music.

An arrangement of Kid A for piano, string quartet and live electronics is to be performed at this year’s 7 Locks Festival by Stephen Polydorou and the Stellar Quartet. The concert at William Parker School, Daventry, Northants, NN11 0QF is on Saturday 22nd September at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £5, available on the door. For more information on the festival see the 7 Locks Website.Worm Buffet

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  • I think a person (sorry fan) read the message as “Yes, WeAre Still Alive.” Or that it’s lyrics to “Bodysnatchers”, a possible song on their new LP. The lyrics read “BlinkYour

    Whatever this means, I think all of us really want the album to come out soon! Pls!!!!

  • Lol used to go to school there.

  • interesting, do think theres a bit of publius enigma starting here

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